Cannabis comp tables as of Jan. 13: Multiples expanding 5-10%

These comp tables provides a benchmark for private investors to evaluate existing and future investments, companies to judge their own valuation for current and future capital raises, and a menu for public investors to peruse.

Tracking the multiples and estimates over time can show how the returns of the stock are decomposed in changes in expectations (sales and EBITDA estimates) and the cost of capital (i.e., multiples applied to those estimates).

In our effort to continue making our content even more relevant and useful to our audience, the comp tables now organize companies into groups based on the main business model (U.S.-focused vertically integrated operators, Canada-focused vertically integrated operators, hemp/CBD, pharmaceutical, and ancillary products and services) and lists the market capitalization, enterprise value (EV), sales and EBITDA estimates, and the EV/sales and EV/EBITDA multiples on those projections. Everything is converted calculated and listed into U.S. dollars.

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